Application Processing

Apart from providing guidance, we also assist our applicants in the overall application processing. Starting from resume building to applying in various colleges, to visa counseling and pre-departure briefing.

The application process is a representation of the student in front of the selection team in the form of words. It will form the first impression of the admission committee of the institute you prefer to be selected. It comprises of a Cover Letter, Resume, Essay, Statement of Purpose (SOP), Transcripts and related test scores, Letter of Recommendation (LOR), and Financial Documents.

We also work on the credentials of the applicants and additional documents required to improve the applicant’s strengths and highlight them distinctively. This will create an impressive image of the applicant, will bring out the strengths of the individual more effectively, and will increase the chances of getting selected. 

Those candidates who prefer to work in research studies/ Ph.D. are also provided with complete assistance and are referred to the respective professor.

✔ Evaluating and building Resume: this is the first step in the application process. This gives the viewer a gist of past achievements. It is a brief description from the time you completed your school education to graduation and various other co-curricular works that you have done. So we work accordingly on the profile of the applicant, focus on the different attributes the applicant has performed in schools and different areas of interest. E.g. blog writing, debates, sports, drama, etc.

✔ Program to be chosen: this is highly based on the applicant’s decision as to what area they prefer to make their career into. We also suggest to students which area will be more helpful for them and which will be financially more appropriate and have more employment opportunities in the future.

✔ Assistance in Essay Writing: A SOP is the crucial document of the entire application. As it describes the applicant’s way of thinking and how his/her past life relates to the present and the future. It tells about the applicant’s perception regarding their self. It also tells about their key skills, how they see their surroundings, and what approach they use to work.

It takes numerous sessions by the counselor to fully understand the applicant and the way they approach. As on those bases only they help out in the SOP.

✔ The appropriate time to apply in universities: depending on which course you are willing to get admitted to, as the application starts 4-6 months before, it is important to have correct knowledge of the deadlines.

✔ Preparing candidates for interviews: the applicants are prepared by conducting mock interviews. With this, they get a clear image of how the interview will take place.

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