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“If investing in knowledge is expensive, try ignorance”. 

Knowledge acts best and acquiring knowledge from one of the best institutions worldwide will prepare you up to your optimum level. Studying abroad is an expensive matter and in a country like India where more than half of the population is middle class, a person will think twice. But with the availability of scholarship assistance, it will defray the cost to a sustainable level. Although getting scholarships is not that easy and one needs to prove themselves worthy enough to get themselves any international scholarship. It is also advisable for the students to apply for scholarships in advance as there will be a better chance for the board to review the letter precisely.

Some of the prestigious scholarships are Fulbright scholarships (USA), DAAD(Germany), Charles Morris award(UK), Erasmus Mundus (EU), Mombusho(Japan), Felix(UK), and other university-specific scholarships.

There are various options available through which a person can get scholarships, although one needs to be exceptionally outstanding or have a genuine reason to get a certain scholarship.

Fill out the financial aid application at each school: To apply for scholarships at a university, you don’t need to apply for individual scholarships separately, but you do need to mark on your financial aid application that you’d like to be considered. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is the universal template for applying for aid in the United States, and it’s typically due around the same time as the general admission application and will come with a variety of other supplementary materials to determine what financial aid to offer you. This includes loans, scholarships, and grants, including the Pell Grant.[1]

✔ To start the process, you’ll usually need to register on the FAFSA website and receive a PIN to get started entering your information. You can access FAFSA here.

✔ After starting an account, you’ll need to fill out your financial information regarding income, savings, investments, and other holdings, or provide this basic information about your parents if you’re applying to college as a dependent. The application process will help you determine whether or not you’re dependent.

Student-Specific: These are scholarships largely granted to students with distinct characteristics that could range from race, gender, religion or even medical issues. They can be better classified as minority based scholarships as they strictly target minority groups that may be disadvantaged at some level and are allowed to compete on common grounds through financial aid.

Performing exceptionally outstanding in any particular subject: Apply for a Davidson scholarship by demonstrating your excellence in a field. By completing a project in science, technology, mathematics, music, literature, philosophy, or a miscellaneous category called “Outside the Box,” students under the age of 18 can qualify for a scholarship anywhere between $10,000 as a Davidson Fellow and $50,000 as a Davidson Fellow Laureate for use at the school of their choice.

Apply for science scholarships: If you’ve demonstrated seriously advanced abilities in science and technology, the Siemens Corporation holds a yearly competition in which science, mathematics, and technology students may compete for scholarships up to $100,000 for the national finalists. You need to register your project online in May, and the project will be typically due at the end of September. You can register your project here.

✔ The Intel Science Talent Search is another science and technology competition to which you can apply for your same research materials. To apply, you’ll need to answer some essay questions, provide a recommendation from a teacher, as well as a transcript.[2] Then you’ll fill out the application online and upload your research reports and other materials.

Scoring high grades: scoring high grades will help you by securing more possibility of getting a scholarship. Even it will be beneficial for those who have scored high in GRE or IELTS exam. The scope of getting the scholarship increases if the students have scored high in academics as well as clearance exams.

Essentials of a sure shot Scholarships: Get involved in lots of extracurricular activities. When considering scholarship applicants, boards are looking specifically for well-rounded students with dynamic presences and personalities. In addition to academics, joining an extracurricular organization can help to demonstrate that you’re a serious and dedicated student.

✔ Take small steps by joining clubs and school organizations early on in your high school career and becoming a president or officer by the end of your time in high school. Being a part of athletics, bands, and other types of extracurricular activities can be an excellent way of standing out.

Write an excellent Statement of Purpose: Well before your scholarship applications and college applications are due, you should start crafting a personal statement that you can use to apply for colleges, and tailor to specific scholarships as needed. The personal statement should introduce you to the organization by articulating your interests, your goals, and your personality. Many people use the personal statement to describe an obstacle to overcome or a challenge met.

✔ Don’t use your statement to list things that can be easily found on your resume. Instead, use the personal statement to highlight your goals and your connection to those achievements and events. Where do you want to go from here? The personal statement should address that question primarily.

✔ Revise your statement every time you submit it. You shouldn’t use a single blanket statement that you send everywhere, instead choosing to do a little bit of digging and make your statement specific to the institution to which you’re applying. How does your mission fit in with this school? With this scholarship organization?

✔ Personal statements aren’t the best time to start experimenting with form. You don’t need to write an experimental meta-short-story full of words to try to trick the admissions board into thinking they’ve got a genius on their hands. Write to concision.

Highlight your disadvantages: So you didn’t go to a prestigious prep school. So you didn’t enjoy reading in school when you were younger. So your parents haven’t been to college. These aren’t things to hide on your application, these are things to highlight. Scholarships are most often awarded to students who’ve faced an uphill battle, not students who’ve been handed a silver spoon. Don’t worry about whether or not your application will look prestigious; make it true to you and your experience.

We specialise in helping you in every minute and small areas starting from training you for a specific exam, assisting in making your profile strong with SOP/ ESSAY and Letter of Recommendations, the entire documentation process will be taken care of by us. The team knows how to work on the overall profile of a student to showcase his/her strong credential and bring out the best.

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