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Happiness is…getting admission with a good scholarship at the University of your choice. Simple, but life-changing. We, at GLOBAL PATHWAYS (previously EduNirvana Indore), understand what that dream means to you and are ready to give whatever it takes to make that dream a reality. We are equipped and willing to walk the extra mile with you and handhold you, coach you, train you, and prepare you to get there. Come, join us on our journey. We are GLOBAL PATHWAYS, let’s get talking.

Do you wish to settle in Canada?
We can make your dream come true! 
Get Expert Advice on Job Offers, PNP’s, and Express Entry from a Canadian Permanent Resident.

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Imagine getting a Green Card without ever going to Canada! Check your eligibility and apply now.

Enabling students to get admission in appropriate accredited universities globally.


Shortlist the most suitable institute for your higher education. It’s also about finding the right one along with the best one!

Filling out those applications is no cake walk. Give up the fear of those lengthy applications and let our experts make it easy for you.
Get an foreign education while someone else pays your college fee. If not all of it, at least some of it.
With our rigorous documentation process and mock interview rounds; we will ensure you are well equipped and prepared to cross the finish line with flying colors.