Study Abroad Counselling

Our education counselors are trained and have a good amount of knowledge of educational opportunities. If the student wants to study abroad, wants a scholarship or needs any information on college training programs then these counselors help them out with the required information. They help young students to develop a good personality and embrace life skills so that they can face the challenging world better.

We also ensure that you get the best, in the area of selection of career, preferred college or university, and specified country.

Counseling sessions are given based on the interests of the student. We have mentors who have studied in foreign universities and are well aware of how and with what procedure these selections are based. These sessions are based on a personal basis (one to one) to have a clearer picture of the child’s aspirations.

These counseling sessions help the student to understand well about the course they want to pursue, as most of the students want to make a selection about which area they need to go in. These counseling sessions bring out the actual attributes of the student.

✔ These counseling sessions include the selection of a particular course and university according to the ranking and the ability of the student.

✔ Which country and university the student prefers, or based on the course, which country is more preferable for the student.

✔ In some cases, assistance for scholarships is also provided.

✔ There is full support in the application process.

✔ Statement of purpose (SOP) will be edited by the mentors based on the ability and efficiency of the student and based on his/her achievements.

✔ Students are also supported on visa counseling and helped through various mock interviews.

✔ If students require bank loan assistance mentors help in those areas too.

✔ Our mentors also work on resumes based on the universities they are willing to apply to. As the application process is the most.

We have a pragmatic approach: we intend to make our students capable enough to deal with various situations in life and to have a clear approach towards it. We ensure that while pursuing his/her education, the student should also be capable enough financially, feel satisfied with the course he/she is pursuing, and get the best according to their ability.

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